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Dennis Nelms started taking T'ai Chi in 1997 in Portland, Oregon. He was going to massage school and felt that Tai Chi would help him with his massage practice. Dennis started taking class from Sifu Gregory Fong  http://i-chuan.net  Little did Dennis know how much T'ai Chi would change his life. T'ai Chi has become one of the primary forces in Dennis’ pursuit for a healthy mind and body. It continues to give him strength, power, stamina, vitality, and calmness. Before Sifu Fong passed, he told Dennis that “in order to understand and unlock the full potential of this practice, you must start to teach to others.” Dennis’ primary teacher was Sifu Gregory Fong from 1997 in Portland, OR, until his passing in June, 2014. Dennis started teaching T'ai Chi classes in Fayetteville, Arkansas in early 2015.