Chen Style Taijiquan (T’ai Chi)

Chen t’ai chi is an athletic martial arts system which provides excellent daily exercise. Its health benefits include lowering blood pressure, toning muscles, building strength, gradually opening tight joints, and improving circulation.


T’ai chi chuan was originated by Chen Wang Ting of Wen county, Henan province, China in the middle of the seventeenth century as the Ming Dynasty gave way to the Qing. “The Genealogy of the Chen Families” of Cheniagou village has the following entry under the name of Chen Wang Ting, their ninth ancestor: “Wang Ting was a knight at the end of the Ming Dynasty and a scholar in the early years of the Qing Dynasty. Known in Shandong province as a master of the martial arts, he was a born warrior who favored the sword in combat.” The Chen families of Chenjiagou village handed down Chen Wang Ting’s t’ai chi routines and “push hands” techniques from one generation to the next. After five generations, what has come to be known as Chen t’ai chi chuan was passed on to Chen Changxing (1771-1853) who taught it to Yang Luchan (1799-1872), a native of Yongnian county, Hebei province. And from there it has been passed on to us in the present day.